European University Rocketeers


What is the EURC?

The European University Rocketeers‘ Championship is an annual event representing the highest tier of University Rocket League in the EU Region.
Over the course of 5 weeks, 32 of the continent’s best University teams will compete to be crowned as this year’s EUR Champions.

EURC 2020 is a collaborative project run by National Student Esports (NSE) and Uniliga in collaboration with partners in many other countries.

How can I participate?

EURC 2020 is open to all full-time undergraduate and graduate students in the EU Region, who must find team-mates from the same University as themselves. There are some exceptions to this for universities who traditionally form combined teams for all university sport – so please check with an admin if you are unsure.

How do I sign up?

EURC 2020 contains the best 32 university teams on the continent. 16 teams have qualified through university tournaments held in their home countries during the Winter Season. The remaining 16 are filled by open qualifiers to be held on 16th and 23rd February.

Open Qualifier #1: – 6:00pm CET Sunday 16th February
Open Qualifier #2: – 6:00pm CET Sunday 23rd February


Make sure to join our Discord too, as this is where the event will be co-ordinated from and it is the best place to contact the organisers.
You can also use the EURC discord to find team-mates at your University through our team-finder system.

Where can I find the Brackets?

You can find all of the brackets in Liquipedia.

Where can I watch the EURC?

Make sure to check out our official stream on Uniliga’s Twitch channel where we will broadcast selected matches.

Phase Date Time
Open Qualifier #1 16. February 6 pm CET
Open Qualifier #2 23. February 6 pm CET
1. Group Stage – Upper Bracket 02. March 8 pm CET
1. Group Stage – Lower Bracket 09. March 8 pm CET
2. Group Stage – Upper Bracket 16. March 8 pm CET
2. Group Stage – Lower Bracket 23. March 8 pm CET
Quarter-Finals 30. March 8 pm CET
Semi-Finals & Final 05. April 7 pm CET

Other Streams:

English Stream: Uniliga
2nd English Stream: Rocket Kingdom
Italian Stream: Rocket Colosseum
Finnish Stream: Rocket League Fin
Greek Stream: Rocket League Greece
Irish Stream: Irish Collegiate Esports
Dutch Stream: Gaming Alliance

Which teams have already qualified?

EURC Graphics and the EURC Logos were provided by @ThatOneSuper.